Venice and its Lagoon

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The photos date from...
1970 to 1990. Serge Bassenko spent 20 years shooting Venice and its lagoon. For love. His pictures show the moving and inner Venice of the Venetians at the time: quiet winding alleys, small canals only accessible by boat, the wild
and solitary lagoon, deep night gently illuminated by mysterious lanterns...


The photos were shot... on traditional films
and the cameras
used were 1930 Zeiss Contax 1 and their marvelous handmade Zeiss Jena 50 mm lenses. There are neither fakes, filters
nor color alterations. The shooting conditions were often difficult:
by night, in rain, fog, freeze and frost...
"I tried to photograph the soul of Venice."

• Photos of Venice (by day in color)
Ancient Venetian Palace Gondolas Campo Santa Giustina A quiet little Canal Santa Maria Formosa
• Photos of Venice (by night in color)
Fenice Bridge at Night Night on San Giovanni e Paolo Canal Foggy Night at San Giovanni e Paolo Venetian House by Night Night at Campo Manin
• Photos of Venice Lagoon (in color)
Mist on the Venetian Lagoon Ancient Lagoon Boat Cason Montiron Little Flowers of the Lagoon Ca Salina
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